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permanent residency in malta 

Permanent residency in Malta offers various benefits, including:

  • Permanent Residency granted in sunny Malta, immediately after approval
  • Six months visa free travel into the Schengen area
  • Government fee, donation and renting of property only after approval (except for the initial €10,000)
  • No minimum stay requirements
  • Four generations of family members able to apply
  • Flexibility to rent or purchase property
  • After five years, no minimum requirements for renting or purchasing property
  • Processing time is a speedy seven to eight months
  • Programme is based on a robust legal framework within Malta

citizenship in malta 

Malta's citizenship options are the fastest in Europe, with citizenship granted in 12-14 months. Other benefits include:

  • Acquisition of Maltese / European Citizenship
  • Ability to travel visa free in 183 countries including the US and Canada
  • Ease of opening a business in Malta if needed
  • Two options to qualify – 12 Months & 36 Months
  • Minimum stay required although not compulsory
  • Case Processing carried out through our Accredited Agent Team
  • Parents-in-law and Grandparents may apply as part of application
  • Capping of 400 main applicants per annum – 1,500 applicants in three years

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