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Uruguay is a gem of stability and prosperity in Latin America. If you want residency in a country that promises a vibrant lifestyle and secure future, look no further than Uruguay, often called the Switzerland of South America. Luckily, the country welcomes expats from all around the world, so obtaining a Uruguay permanent residency isn’t […]

Moving to Italy as a Digital Nomad: A Comprehensive Guide to Italy’s Nomad Visa & Taxes

Moving to a foreign country can be daunting, especially when it comes to navigating through legal and tax systems. Italy, a dream destination for many digital nomads and travelers, is no exception. In this podcast episode, Nico guides you through what is needed to obtain the Italy nomad visa for any digital nomad, and how […]

An Interview with Frugal Friends Co-Host Jill Sirianni on Travel Finance

A Peek into Jill’s Journey Our journey begins with a warm welcome to our Work, Wealth, and Travel podcast guest, Jill Sirianni, of the Frugal Friends podcast, who prefers exploring multiple aspects of a person than sticking to a single facet. She comes from a background in social work and now explores the podcasting industry. […]

The Benefits of Gaining Residency in Paraguay

Paraguay, a landlocked country in South America, is often overlooked as a destination for expatriates. However, those who have discovered its charm and potential are reaping the benefits of its residency program. From its low cost of living to its friendly investment climate, Paraguay offers a wealth of opportunities for those willing to explore. Understanding […]

Paraguay’s Maquila Law: The Gateway to Global Markets

In the dynamic landscape of international business, leveraging advantageous policies can be a game-changer. Bring on Paraguay’s Maquila Law, a strategic initiative that beckons businesses to explore new horizons. Originating from the successful Mexican Maquila model, Paraguay has tailored its approach to foster economic growth, making it an attractive prospect for those seeking a competitive […]

How To Take Advantage of the Peru 1.5% Business Tax

Embarking on a business venture in Peru? Before diving into this dynamic market, it’s important to grasp the intricacies of Perus income tax system, and you can benefit from it. Peru offers an excellent 1.5% business tax rate for eligible businesses, and heres how you can take advantage of it as a Peruvian business owner. […]

An Insider’s Guide to Moving to Italy, Taxes and Living as a Digital Nomad

Making a move to Italy and exhibiting the true embodiment of “La Dolce Vita” is a dream for many, especially digital nomads. Not just the rich history, world-famous food and wine, and beautiful landscapes, Italy also offers attractive tax incentives for people looking to relocate. In this blog post, Nico, an experienced Italian tax advisor […]

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